ACT:TVT is my personal music project, based on a so called Tracker, so don't expect studio quality. At the old DOS times i used Fasttracker2, but since i switched to Linux i use the Soundtracker from Michael Krause. Amplifying is done with the commandline-tool "awoc" by Christian Gall and as WAV editor i use Audacity. For encoding i prefer "OGG/Vorbis". Covers and Graphics for this Site are made with Gimp. All done under Linux. Freedom is everything!

ACT:TVT exists since Fall 1996 and all Songs are copyrighted to me and my project. The Internet presence started in July 2000. Since May 2003 the site is hosted at all-inkl.com

I'm not sure what music have influenced me in which case, but i enjoy Slade, Blackfoot, Kingdom Come, Tony MacAlpine, Alex Oriental Experience, Jason Becker, Joe Satriani, Deep Purple, Stevie Ray Vaughan and some others too. But the real life have influenced me for sure.

What u can get here

Not much, nearly nothing at all. On this Site you will only find some snippets of my music for pre-hearing. Be aware that you need to be able to play OGG files. I use OGG coz it is simply better.

If you should be one of those few remaining w-users, grab and install a plugin for your music player or try VLC.

What to expect next

This project is currently on hold. Seems i have to wait and figure out if the fire inside me will be back.